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M.R. Webb, JD


M.R. Webb is a self-described "bastard child" who spent his formative years growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. "When my mother had me she was a young 20 year-old, no high school diploma, unemployed and on welfare. My father was 19 years-old. At the time of my birth he was sitting in a prison cell awaiting his fate for nearly killing a man." These were the dismal set of circumstances that served as the backdrop for the portrait of Webb’s life. However, Webb managed to find strength in his turbulent childhood and turn it around.  At an early age Webb developed a passion for writing and public speaking. Webb pursued these passions with vigor and during his high school career was regarded as one of the nation’s foremost public speakers having obtained such honors as the Our Author’s Book Club Award, State Representative for Original Oratory, and the Proficiency In English Award. Webb attended one of the nation's top private colleges where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and International Relations. Upon graduation Webb attended law school and obtained a Juris Doctor of Law Degree.

​Webb has never lost his love and appreciation for writing and public speaking. His latest work Having Babies By Bums: Every Woman's Guide To Choosing A Great Father for Her Child is a endeavor of the heart. Webb notes that "This is not just another book. This is a conversation. And given the direction that our children, our neighborhoods, our society, and our world seems to be headed in, it’s more important than ever that we have this discussion today.

Professionally Webb is regarded and respected as a keen corporate executive and legal scholar. Webb serves as the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of a Business Consulting firm and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm’s subsidiary company.

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