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Cheraee C.


Cheraee C. was born and raised in Detroit, MI and is currently in her late 20's. She fell in love with writing in middle school when she started writing poetry and entering poetry contests. When she got into high school she began reading urban fiction books and started writing notebooks full of her own novels and trying to be published by big publishers. Although, Cheraee suffered a lot of failed attempts to score a big publisher she never stopped writing.

In January 2014, Cheraee linked up with Mocy Publishing and has since then self-published two urban fiction books with them which are titled Another Shady Mission and Liq-Trocity. Her book has been featured in Mocy Magazine, she has been interviewed on World Wide Core Radio, Urban Nation Radio, and Delicious Talk with Gayle Delicious Johnson. and she plans on releasing Another Shady Mission part 2 in October 2014.

Writing is so powerful to Cheraee because she has battled sexual abuse, domestic violence, fatal attraction, health issues, injustice and etc and always overcomes any obstacle she is faced with. She is a very detailed writer who never slips up with her massive vocabulary, her metaphors, or any of her literary components. Not only has writing been a form of communication throughout all of her life, but it has been an outlet for her. Where friends don't have any meanings, relationships don't have any reasons having beginnings, and storylines are page-turning roller-coaster rides, is where Cheraee's pen meets the paper and the paper meets the pen.

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