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Yahminah McIntosh

Yahminah McIntosh is a Mother, Author, Poet, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Advocacy Athlete, Playwright, Clothing Designer, Brand Strategist and Advocate to name a few. Yahminah is an all around Organic Renaissance woman who believes in turning your "Bucket List" into your "Bring IT List" and The Power of Owning your journey and mastering life. Yahminah is The Founder of The P.H.A.M.L.I. Foundation (People Having a Mutual Love for Inspiration) an organization that houses: an inspirational production company; Funding sources for community based life enrichment programs; Health and Wellness initiatives; Scholarship programs for high school and college students; Business Scholarships for entrepreneurs and Mentoring programs

She is President and CEO of ThinkBOXER International, a life empowerment firm that offers: life coaching, brand strategy, image coaching, journey mapping and risk mitigation services. Through ThinkBOXER International, Yahminah helps clients refocus, prioritize, create successful brands, find their purpose, stay in their lane and assist them in implementing strategic plans to better their best.

Yahminah is The Founder of "The Lupus Light Group" an organization designed to address the immediate health, wellness, nutrition and support needs of individuals affected by Lupus. Diagnosed with Systemic Lupus over 12 years ago, Yahminah works to create resources and mentors for others with Lupus to enhance their quality of life.

She is The Founder of "The Great i AM" (The Great International Autism Movement) an organization that focuses on enriching the lives of those affected by Autism through nutrition, health, wellness, fitness, therapy support and group recreation.

Yahminah has released two CD's to date, "Pieces of a Dream" and "Poetik", and is currently working on her next CD, "Minah'mor" to be released in 2016. Yahminah has authored three books: "Shugah: Love's Dew"; "Shugah: Bittah Sweet"; and "Shugah: Mint Condition". She will be releasing her next two books: "Life & Depth" and "Come out Come out Wherever you are", later in 2015.

As an advocacy athlete Yahminah started the following:

"A Run to Overcome", an annual 100 mile 3 day walk/ run to raise Awareness and Funds for Health, Wellness, Fitness and Nutrition programs for families affected by Autism.

"No More Chains: A Survivor's Journey" an annual 100 mile 3 day walk/ run to raise Awareness and Funds for individuals affected by Domestic Violence.

"Butterfly Fest": Lupus Pedals for Life - A 100 mile bike ride to raise Funds and Awareness for The Lupus Light Group. Healthy Hearts On Purpose a Semi-Annual full 26.2 mile marathon to raise awareness and funds for Heart Disease

The Power of Life Movement benefitting The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society raising funds and awareness to assist with furthering their mission to help individuals affected by Blood Cancers.

She also participates in marathons and duathalons internationally to raise funds for charity.

One of her goals in life is to inspire others to "Walk IN their Purpose and Live"! She believes that, in order to find the best IN you, you have to Invest in YOU!

One of Yahminah’s Mottos is, "The only way that Each One can Teach One, is if we are willing to step outside of ourselves to Reach One."

Yahminah is a woman with a vision on a mission to make a difference in the lives of all people by any means necessary.

M.R. Webb, JD

M.R. Webb is a self-described "bastard child" who spent his formative years growing up on the streets of Brooklyn, New York. "When my mother had me she was a young 20 year-old, no high school diploma, unemployed and on welfare. My father was 19 years-old. At the time of my birth he was sitting in a prison cell awaiting his fate for nearly killing a man." These were the dismal set of circumstances that served as the backdrop for the portrait of Webb’s life. However, Webb managed to find strength in his turbulent childhood and turn it around.  At an early age Webb developed a passion for writing and public speaking. Webb pursued these passions with vigor and during his high school career was regarded as one of the nation’s foremost public speakers having obtained such honors as the Our Author’s Book Club Award, State Representative for Original Oratory, and the Proficiency In English Award. Webb attended one of the nation's top private colleges where he obtained his Bachelor of Science Degree in Mass Communications with a concentration in Public Relations and International Relations. Upon graduation Webb attended law school and obtained a Juris Doctor of Law Degree.

​Webb has never lost his love and appreciation for writing and public speaking. His latest work Having Babies By Bums: Every Woman's Guide To Choosing A Great Father for Her Child is a endeavor of the heart. Webb notes that "This is not just another book. This is a conversation. And given the direction that our children, our neighborhoods, our society, and our world seems to be headed in, it’s more important than ever that we have this discussion today.

Professionally Webb is regarded and respected as a keen corporate executive and legal scholar. Webb serves as the Founder & Chief Operating Officer of a Business Consulting firm and the Chief Executive Officer of the firm’s subsidiary company.

 D.C. Wiggins

Dr. De’Andrea Matthews, who uses D. C. Wiggins as her pen name, developed a love for reading and writing at a young age. After being a contestant several times on Reading Road Quiz, a game show for elementary school students, she decided that she wanted to write books herself.

Dr. Matthews is the author of two novels: "Their Darkest Hour" and "Almost Doesn’t Count". She is currently working on her first non-fiction work entitled "The Surrendered Soul: Aligning the Five Parts of Your Soul with the Will of God".

In addition to being an author, Dr. Matthews is a book coach, educator and public speaker. With over 18 years’ experience as an educator, Dr. Matthews often speaks on educating the first generation graduate, as well as topics related to diversity and inclusion. She holds a Doctorate in Religious Education, Masters of Theology and Bachelor of Science in African-American Studies. Dr. Matthews is committed to helping people grow spiritually and excel professionally.

Lhea J. Love

Lhea J. Love is a motivational speaker, poet, novelist, screenwriter, memoirist and essayist.

Lhea earned a bachelor’s in Philosophy from the University of Michigan; she holds a minor in African & African American Studies. While at the university, she self-published two poetry chapbooks Brown Paths and Laughing Behind Closed Doors as well as a paperback collection Kings, Niggers & Negroes.

Since college, her words have been published within The Gettysburg Review, African American Review, For Harriet, Periphery, The Citron Review, Four and Twenty and DrumVoices Revue.

While living in New York, she had the honor of learning at the knee of the late Louis Reyes Rivera through his Brooklyn Writing Workshop.

Lhea began writing poetry, quite seriously, at the age of twelve -- two months after her older brother’s suicide. In middle school she started an online poetry club "Crossing the Thin Red Line" through Yahoo! Clubs (now Yahoo! Groups); in high school she founded the Renaissance Poetry club; at the University of Michigan -- Ann Arbor, she founded the performance group TheCypher, for spoken word artists and emcees. In 2014, she founded the writing critique group Legitimate Dangers; for poets, novelists, essayists and screenwriters.

In addition to her YouTube series "Unafraid to Speak", Lhea is currently completing her first novel/screenplay; she is in the process of recording her first spoken word album; and she is half-way finished with her third poetry book. Once completed, she will finish her first memoir.



 Andrea Daniel


Andrea Daniel is a writer and poet. Her work has appeared in magazines and as part of an exhibit at the Detroit Institute of Arts, a major metropolitan museum in Detroit, Michigan. When she’s not writing poetry, Andrea is a freelance writer for various publications. She is co-owner/operator of Dakota Avenue West Publishing, an independent book publishing company under which Like Gwendolyn was published, and she owns and operates AND Communications, a multi-layered creative communications agency. For 12 years Andrea was production supervisor, producer, writer, reporter/talent with the City of Detroit Government Cable Access Channel 10 until she was laid off in 2009. 

Andrea is a proud member of the Motown Writers Network, and the Michigan Literary Network, and is producer and guest host of Michigan Literary Network Radio on, and co-producer of Literature, Lyrics and Lines on WRCJ Radio – 90.9 in conjunction with the Detroit School of Arts, a Detroit Public School. She also combines her love of poetry and music as a singer/songwriter (recording under the stage name Naomi Daniel) and is a registered songwriter with Broadcasting Music, Inc. (BMI).  

She serves on the Board of Directors for the Friends of the E. Azalia Hackely Collection of African Americans in the Performing Arts with the Detroit Public Library, and the Power of Girlhood non-profit organization. Since 2012, Andrea has been Volunteer Coordinator for the annual Health and Wealth Expo sponsored by Sisters Acquiring Financial Empowerment (SAFE).

Andrea lives in Detroit, Mich. with her son, and a sweet little Terrier-Poodle mix named Dot.

  Monica Marie Jones

Monica Marie Jones is an author whose published works include The Ups and Downs of Being Round (Fiction/Self-Help), Taste My Soul (Poetry), FLOSS (Fiction), Swag (Urban Fiction), Sweet Soliloquy (Poetry), Monday Morning Motivation (Inspiration) and Momentum (Financial Inspiration). She is a contributing author in Chicken Soup for the Girls Soul, New Directions for Youth Development, 44th (A full color coffee table book about President Barack Obama) and Souls of Our Young Sisters: The Next Generation of Women Tell Their Stories, Overcome Their Challenges, and Heal Their Spirits. She has also contributed to several publications and youth development training materials for the High/Scope Educational Research Foundation and the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality.

She has worked as a columnist and freelance writer for various publications and websites including the Michigan Front Page Newspaper and is an active member of the Motown Writer's Network where she hosted her own radio show, "Marketing and Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones" on the Michigan Literary Network Radio. Currently she is the host of the "Motivation Mondays with Monica Marie Jones" show on Urban Nation Radio.

Monica received her Bachelor’s Degree and teaching certificate in Elementary Education from Eastern Michigan University. She also received her Masters of Social Work from the University of Michigan.

Monica is a youth development expert that does training and consultation for the David P. Weikart Center for Youth Program Quality. She is a professionally trained dancer and dance instructor that has danced with Gospel recording artists such as Dorinda Clark-Cole, in several venues around the United States, and a three-city tour in Japan with Kierra 'Ki-Ki' Sheard.

Monica uses her gifts, talents and expertise to inform her work as a motivational speaker with a focus on topics including but not limited to self-esteem, empowering women and girls, fitness and wellness, and positive youth development.She is the owner of the publishing and literary consulting company, The Literary Loft and the motivational speaking, training and consulting company, Inspiration Incorporated.

For more information visit her website at

 Calvin Thompson


Calvin Thompson is a native Detroiter who was influenced by the soulful liberating consciousness of the turbulent yet trans-formative consciousness of the 60's. In his writings and his speeches you see and feel the passion of the need for liberation but not of a political genre but the quest for something greater as an awareness of who you really are. That not only do you need economic and political liberation but to truly be free one must go to the next level in your thinking. There is a new day and a new consciousness becoming more apparent today. So in his breakthrough book you can see and feel his passion to take the struggle to new frontiers and beyond the limitations that we impose upon ourselves.

 As evident in his writings is a recurring theme that it is our time. We can and will be transformed by the renewal of our mind. If there is any one that knows the value of experiencing an transformation it is the writer himself. Having experienced tragedy and triumph toils and snares having gone through the mental health care system during early adulthood and to return to that system as a health care provider. To have achieved a degree in Psychology as well as doing extensive independent research in the area of motivation and personal development. Additionally to be appointed to the title of Minister so not only he does bring years of experience to his writings in the area of Psychology but he fuses or infuse his writing with a wealth of spiritual insight as well.

Debraha Watson

Dr. Watson holds a Doctorate in Adult and Higher Education from Capella University; a Master of Arts in Adult and Higher Education from Morehead State University;  and a Master of Science in General Administration from Central Michigan University. She has been invited to speak at numerous workshops and conventions throughout the United States and Canada. Most recently, she was featured on the LGBT Radio Nation Show the topic being Intergenerational Communication. Dr. Watson has also been a guest on the Rhonda Sciortino radio show Crack the Code and the Detroit Area Agency on Aging Senior Solutions Radio Show.

As an author, Dr. Watson shares her personal foster care journey having spent twelve years in the system in her memoir; If Not For Dreams: Memories of a Foster Child and is also anthologized in Growing Up in the Care of Strangers edited by Waln K. Brown and John r. Seita. She frames her discussion to educate, motivate and provide insight to the challenges faced by youth aging out of foster care. She also penned a novella, Dancing Under the Same Moon and has been featured in several other publications. 

Another creative outlet is contemporary abstract art. Dr. Watson states" the creator gives us many talents. Whether it’s writing or painting I take myself out of the way and trust the creative process." Her work has been shown at the Detroit Artist Market, National Conference of Artist Gallery, Jo’s Gallery and The Juanita Ford Gallery and the Charles H, Wright African American Museum.

Since her retirement, she has ventured into yet another genre, film making. Starting a production company, Reel Women Speak is dedicated to impacting the lives of women through visual media. Women will have the opportunity to become empowered, enhance and develop their quality of life and recalibrate their future, thereby strengthening families and transforming communities. Collective Voices: Wisdom of our Lesbian Elders is her first independent film. Dr. Watson states that "whether it’s in my writing, art or film I have a deep need to recollect traditions and generational legacy, this perhaps comes from listening to stories from my elders specifically, African American women sitting, laughing, talking on porch steps or around the kitchen table."

Debraha Watson describes herself as a mother of two adult children, a film maker, poet, short story writer, essayist, editor and retired higher education administrator. "I can be driven or complacent. Insecure or egotistical like all living creatures I am passing through stages. I am recovering, discovering and growing."

Cheraee C.


Cheraee C. was born and raised in Detroit, MI and is currently in her late 20's. She fell in love with writing in middle school when she started writing poetry and entering poetry contests. When she got into high school she began reading urban fiction books and started writing notebooks full of her own novels and trying to be published by big publishers. Although, Cheraee suffered a lot of failed attempts to score a big publisher she never stopped writing.

In January 2014, Cheraee linked up with Mocy Publishing and has since then self-published two urban fiction books with them which are titled Another Shady Mission and Liq-Trocity. Her book has been featured in Mocy Magazine, she has been interviewed on World Wide Core Radio, Urban Nation Radio, and Delicious Talk with Gayle Delicious Johnson. and she plans on releasing Another Shady Mission part 2 in October 2014.

Writing is so powerful to Cheraee because she has battled sexual abuse, domestic violence, fatal attraction, health issues, injustice and etc and always overcomes any obstacle she is faced with. She is a very detailed writer who never slips up with her massive vocabulary, her metaphors, or any of her literary components. Not only has writing been a form of communication throughout all of her life, but it has been an outlet for her. Where friends don't have any meanings, relationships don't have any reasons having beginnings, and storylines are page-turning roller-coaster rides, is where Cheraee's pen meets the paper and the paper meets the pen.

David L Watkins

David L Watkins is a children’s book author and poet. He is a member of various writing groups: The Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, The Detroit Writers’ Guild and The Motown Writers’ Network. He is also a member of Mensa.

David and his wife, Linda, created The Growing Up Series for children. Each book in the series is intended to entertain young readers and instill a valuable lesson as well.  The first book, Benny and the Basketball Bully, is an anti-bullying book with a message on courage. The second book, Lancaster Lion and Friends, features jungle animals who learn how to work together to survive. Animals, Beasts and Creatures was the first book of the ABC Series. It will inspire readers to want to learn more about some of their favorite animals. Which Letter Is Better?, the second book in the ABC series, shows children how to have fun with spelling. David is currently working on his fifth book.

David L. Watkins was born and reared in Detroit, MI.

Darlene C. A. Franklin

Darlene C. A. Franklin is originally from East Orange, New Jersey, the eighth child in a family of ten.  Rev. Franklin is a veteran of the United States Air Force.  She entered the ministry in 1993, and was ordained a deacon in the Unity Fellowship Church Movement under Presiding Archbishop Carl Bean.  This was later followed by ordination as a minister under Rev. Dr. Renee McCoy.  She has also served as senior pastor of the historic Full Truth Fellowship of Christ church from 2001-2010. 

An active leader in the community and advocate for social justice, Rev. Franklin has received numerous awards and honors for her tireless service in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning (LGBTQ) community. Additionally, she has extensive experience in advocating for those with HIV/AIDS as well as victims of Domestic Violence.  She is the founder of “Getting the Word Out Center for Biblical Studies” where she and nine others of the LGBTQ community earned degrees in theology granted through Destiny School of Ministry. She is also the first openly gay pastor to host a Christian radio show, “Getting The Word Out” on 1440 WMKM, in Detroit.  Rev. Franklin was also recently published in an anthology of short stories edited by Dr. Derrick Tennial entitled, “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell”.

Rev. Franklin is passionate about caring for the elderly.  She regularly provides care for those afflicted with Alzheimer’s disease and actively volunteers for Alzheimer’s and Hospice organizations.  She holds an Associates degree from Oakland Community College, and is currently a student in the School of Social Work at Wayne State University. She is legally married to her spouse of six years, Glenda Wyatt-Franklin, and the mother of two wonderful daughters who have blessed her with four grandchildren. 

Rev. Franklin simply sums herself up with these words:  I am an African woman born in America, Masculine-Identified Lesbian, Mother, Preacher, Spouse and Grandmother - evolved in that order - who is determined to stand and live boldly and proudly in the truth of each one of those intersections of my life unapologetically.  At this juncture of my life’s journey, my mission is to be a bridge of healing of the trauma that plagues the African American Community and continues to divide us as a people.


Phette Hollins


Born in Wayne, Michigan, when she was little, Phette (*fee~ETT*)dreamt ofbecoming a secretary. She would watch in awe as her mother adroitly tapped the keys of the typewriter without looking. After over ten years in the secretarial field and reaching a typing speed as high as 97 gwpm, Phette still felt unfulfilled.

Phette began writing in journals when she was fifteen years old -and has all of them dating from 1995. As far back as she can remember, words have always fascinated her. So much in fact, former co-workers nicknamed her "D.G." for Dictionary Girl because she read it faithfully.

While taking college courses at Henry Ford Community College, she was Urged by two instructors to go into writing in some capacity. Not believing enough in herself, she shelved the idea and sat on it for many years.

She started actively pursuing her passion in 2004 and vividly remembers seeing Tyler Perry on the Oprah Winfrey show when she had an "AHA" moment and said to herself that she, too, can write stories for the world to read and see.


Sylvia Hubbard

Sylvia Hubbard knew she’d wanted to be a writer of romance long before she knew there were black writers in the world. Weaving stories magically as a summer past time to writing stories to get through the humdrum of school, she was able to create something from nothing.

Today, she has independently published over 28 books, is the founder of Motown Writers Network and The AA Electronic Literary Network, CEO of HubBooks Literary Services, runs over five blogs on a variety of subjects, host The Michigan Literary Network Radio Show and is a happily divorced mother of three children in Detroit, Michigan.

"I’m no superwoman," she states with a smile that seems infinite on her lips. "I’m just being an asset in the world instead of a liability."

Considered an addicted blogger by, nominated and recognized for her literary work in the Metro Detroit area, referred to as "A Literary Diva" by Detroit City Council and donned "Cliffhanger Queen" by her readers, she finds solace in speaking and educating on a variety of topics.

Author’s Website:

Author’s Blog:





Victor Billione Walker

A singer, poet and writer, Victor Billione Walker (pronounced bil-LEE-yon) is one of Detroit’s most important people to keep an eye on. He is the author of several books, including his most recent poetic play the Birth of Mars that examines masculinity in America, and No Tea. No Shade, a short novel set in Detroit about a gay newspaper editor nearing 40 who struggles with coming out. 

Billione’s thought provoking work touches on various subjects related to being a Detroit native, queer experiences and examining masculinity. He recently joined the board of the SASHA Center as Male Advocacy Ambassador, and identifies as a sexual assault survivor. Billione is currently completing work on his 6th collection of poetry about his life as a Detroiter entitled Grand Boulevard, expected to be released late 2014.


Kelly Greene


 Kelly Greene hails from Detroit, MI. He noticed a gift for writing while attending Detroit Lutheran West High School. When he wasn’t involved in football or wrestling, he spent time writing poetry. Poetry later gave way to lengthy personal notes. Years later after losing his Job in automobile manufacturing, he rekindled his passion for writing. He is the author of the blog where he writes about his love for the City of Detroit. He is also the CEO of Literary Voice. Literary Voice helps get indie artist the media attention they deserve and the exposure they need. Kelly is currently the host of "We the Nation" on Urban Nation Radio. You can log on Tuesday evenings at 7pm for a great conversation on Politics and Detroit. He is a member of the Motown Writers Network and the Detroit Chapter of the National Association of Black Journalists (DC- NABJ). He was also given the Titan Award by the Motown Writer’s Network in 2012.


Kai Mann


Her writing is both positive and purposeful. Her keen ability to provoke thought, trigger change and enlighten the lives of others has catapulted her to a literary success. Whether it’s in the form of a blog post or article, Facebook status or tweet, Kai Mann strives to empower and educate followers around the world about the nature of love, the importance of relationships and how these two play a vital role in the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community.

While her passion for writing was birthed at a young age, her literary experience did not fully blossom until 2009, when she started writing her first novel. In addition, Mann also became a writer for, holding the title of Detroit’s Best Friend Examiner. Through her articles for the Examiner, she offers an innovative perspective on the topic on friendship.

In 2011, she published her debut novel, 30 Day Notice under her own publishing company, Scriblical Vibez Publishing, LLC. Through Scriblical Vibez, she not only scribes biblically while creating a powerful message with a unique vibe, but she helps publish and market other authors’ content that creates vibrational change across the nation and even the world. Her sophomore literary project, Abandoned Property, released in 2013, the same year that Mann helped produce a document series, Out Loud in the D. The documentary highlights the daily lives of African-Americans in the LGBT community.

As a proud member of the Motown Writers Network, she currently serves as Media Content Publisher, often assisting with conferences, monthly meetings and web content updates. Mann also hosts her own internet talk radio show, LGBT Radio Nation, where she educates listeners on the LGBT community and those who are making great strides and contributions toward change in and around it. Although the weekly topics may change, the message does not—the LGBT community is no different than any other community.

Her literary works are best described as colorful, insightful and concise. Provoking deeper thought and greater understanding of individuality across racial and social barriers, Mann leaves readers pondering her words long after the final page has been turned. As part of the Pen to Paper series, her third project, Pen to Paper: A Walk Into Destiny is set to release in October of 2014. The two previous books in the series were published in March and June of 2014. Living on Lafayette Street, a collection of poetic prose, will be released in the spring of 2015. All of the pieces speak to spiritual transformation into a higher level of self.

For more information, please visit or email