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DrDee2015Inspiration by Dr. De’Andrea Matthews

The question posed is “who has inspired you most in your writing career”. There is one answer that immediately came to mind, though she may not suspect that she has been my writing inspiration. Just as with my other career paths, when I decided to pursue it, I sought out knowledge to enhance my performance in said field. Writing for me has been no different. Before I found a local writers group to connect with, I devoured as many library books on writing as I could find. Filling line upon line of multiple subject notebooks, my brain filled to information overload for weeks on end. I studied plot, structure, character development, query letters, and the whole gambit of the craft. Yet, somehow, that was only the beginning.

The next turn in my pursuit of a writing career came in 2012. A friend had suggested going on MeetUp in order to find a group to network in order to spend time with other adults. This was music to my ears as a mother of five, with four children still living at home. It was then that I first came in contact with the Motown Writers Network (MWN). I joined the MeetUp online, but did not find the time to actually visit the meeting until months later. That first meeting at the Barnes and Noble on Wayne State’s campus was electrifying. Not only was it close to home, but I had seldom been around such like-minded individuals who encouraged others.

My first visit to MWN was one of compassion, as its founder and leader, Ms. Sylvia Hubbard, had recently experienced a house fire and extreme loss of property, though thankfully, no loss of life. The members gathered to raise money to support the family’s basic needs and embraced her with such love and support that my distant heart was moved. Subsequent visits to the MeetUp were no less impactful, as I began to network with those who could help to facilitate my first novel, but also broaden my knowledge as an emerging author.

Sylvia Hubbard became my inspiration for several reasons. She was a single mother and writer, as was I. Sylvia was a trendsetter in the field, having launched into the deep of eBooks long before it became popular. I, too, had been a trendsetter and the first woman in many aspects of my various career paths. Sylvia became my informal mentor when I heard this small phrase: “I write 1000 words a day”. At the time, that was something I only dreamed about. My hectic schedule between a full-time job, being a mother, and the many other roles I played in my community and my church didn’t seem to allow dedicated time to write – yet those words stood out to me as a glimmer of hope. I continued to draw strength from Sylvia’s story of perseverance and her ever-growing list of available titles on Amazon, Smashwords, and other online retailers.

I haven’t been an author long, but the path has brought me in contact with some great people. I can honestly say that I became the author that I am because of my inspiration, Ms. Sylvia Hubbard.


Almost Doesnt count

While mentoring a young man named Lorenzo, Doris is grief-stricken from an accident that changed the course of his future. Doris refuses to allow the hard work that she has done in turning his life around go to waste. With fierce determination, Doris assumes the responsibility for ensuring that Lorenzo’s infant son, Zelman, does not succumb to the pressures of urban life. Doris becomes adamant that giving up is no longer an option and almost doesn’t count.

Amazon: Almost Doesn’t Count 


D. C. Wiggins, Author

Dr. De’Andrea Matthews, who uses D. C. Wiggins as her pen name, developed a love for reading and writing at a young age. After being a contestant several times on Reading Road Quiz, a game show for elementary school students, she decided that she wanted to write books herself.

Dr. Matthews is the author of two novels: “Their Darkest Hour” and “Almost Doesn’t Count”. She is currently working on her first non-fiction work entitled “The Surrendered Soul: Aligning the Five Parts of Your Soul with the Will of God”.

In addition to being an author, Dr. Matthews is a book coach, educator and public speaker. With over 18 years’ experience as an educator, Dr. Matthews often speaks on educating the first generation graduate, as well as topics related to diversity and inclusion. She holds a Doctorate in Religious Education, Masters of Theology and Bachelor of Science in African-American Studies. Dr. Matthews is committed to helping people grow spiritually and excel professionally.


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